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Tamika is coming clean about an eating addiction she is both embarrassed about and concerned about how it might be affecting her body – she is addicted to eating clay pots. She tells The Doctors TV Show that she has been consuming the pots for around 3 and half years and eats 2 of them per day. Breaking them into small pieces, she brings them with her in the car, to the gym and to her job where she will eat them throughout the day.

“It’s just that soil, that dirt, something about those clay pots. I like the taste,” she explains. “My family is very concerned. I have thought about how this could kill me.”"  She wrote to The Doctors TV staff.  It turns out this condition has a name – PICA, and it’s not as rare as we imagine.  But it’s not just a bizarre habit – when tested, Tamika has immeasurable amounts of iron in her system – and she was extremely anemic. Life threatening conditions that needed immediate change.

So the Doctors arranged for therapy.  And, to make sure Tamika would get a diet that was rich in vitamins and minerals, and packed with Super Foods, they called upon Home Bistro and asked us to help.  We said YES!  For the next three months Tamika is going to be eating Home Bistro’s guilt-free, restaurant quality prepared meals and we’ll be by her side, cheering her on the whole way. We are excited about working with Tamika – keep informed by following her weekly progress.  And, why don’t you join along by ordering your own supply – guaranteed to taste great and to get you the healthiest you’ve ever been!  Here is a link to her story on The Doctors website.

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Marcelo Vazquez

Written by Marcelo Vazquez